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The company deals in construction works such as the construction of overhead, underground power transmission and distribution lines e.g. Uganda’s biggest solar plant on Kalangala Island. In this area FESL has handled a number of projects worth millions of dollars with the government of Uganda represented by Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), ABB, NORAD, SIDA (Swedish International Development Aid) and Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) being some of the key clients among others. We provide a portfolio of value added services in electrical contracting, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) Turnkey Projects for high voltage transmission line up to 220kV.


As part of these services, we provide integrated design, testing, installation, construction and commissioning services on a turn-key basis to our clients in this sector. Our projects include;

• Overhead and Underground Distribution
• Installation of fibre Optics
• Sub Station up to 220kV
• Equipment-Transformers, Conductors, Switch gears...
• Civil Engineering and Mechanical works
• Feeder renovation
• Underground cabling
• Installing High Voltage Distribution System (“HVDS”) and
• Low Voltage Distribution System (“LVDS”) distribution lines and transmission lines.
• Advanced Prepaid energy system

We have executed projects in difficult and challenging terrains and weather conditions. We make sure that our EPC contracts are usually pursuant to various government policies and schemes. Our quality management system in the EPC business. In the power distribution sector, we provide engineering, procurement and construction services for building power distribution networks, including those in rural East Africa. We also undertake the renovation and augmentation of existing distribution systems through a review of the design, re-engineering, implementing underground cabling, aerial bunched cabling and implementing best practices for reducing AT&C losses.


We have a strong team comprising Engineers, Professional and Team Leaders. Team members are well qualified in-depth experience in related field. The team is totally geared up to take up any kind of challenges in the areas of electrical and associated construction activities. We have a program for continuous up gradation of management in technical skills. The quality close loop control and 100% satisfaction value for money and complete peace of mind are the key thrust area for the committed deliverable. Our team of well recognized professionals benchmarks the current performance. At present, we have the following strength of technically and academically qualified site personnel beside, secretarial, finance / Accounts, design and drawings personnel. The site manpower strength is constantly under review and strengthening/augmentation is continuous process.

Design & Engineering Capability

• SCF Calculation
• Earthing Calculation
• Direct stroke LP Calculation
• Sag Tension Calculation
• Temperature Rise Calculation
• Illumination design


 Distribution System

• Substations
• Trenching, Cable laying,Termination,Testing & Commissioning up to 220kV
• HT/LT Switchboards
• Power & Distribution Transformers
• Capacitors, Reactors & Power Factor Improvement
• Control, Protection & Prepaid Metering System
• Earthing, Lighting & Lightning Protection


• Team of experienced engineers
• Team of experienced surveyors
• Latest engineering softwares
• Monitoring & evaluation systems
• Supported by modern IT infrastructure 


Field Quality System.

• Civil works
• Receipts, handling, storage of materials
• Erection
• Commissioning


Civil works
• Erection
• Pre-Commissioning
Site Procedures
• Civil works
• Erection
• Testing of various electrical equipments



• Land take-over documents with proper levels, grid coordinates
• Approved field Quality plan
• Approved Ratio of concrete-mix
• List of Approved sources of construction materials
• Approved pour cards/checklists
• Concrete cube test register
• Sieve analysis register of coarse and fine aggregates
• Compaction test register for back filling
• Calibration certificate of site test apparatus
• Test records of construction material


• Approved Design calculations & drawings
• Test reports of all individual equipments
• System commissioning reports


• Project management is about transforming vision into reality
• An integrated application that covers execution processes in a holistic manner – project management, assets optimization and interaction management
• Facilitates effective project management and tracking of project completion status
• Enables the proper planning, tracking and monitoring of work orders and provide visibility to various stakeholders


• Site Videos/Photographs discussed as part of MIS
• Well equipped expediting teams
• Quality inspection teams for 3rd party material and site work
• Long term partnership with
• Suppliers for critical equipments
• Specialized experts
• Commissioning teams
• Corporate quality team audits from safety and environmentally point of view
• Monthly review with customers
• Detailed design & engineering of Electrical & Civil works
• Freezing drawings and documents
• Drawing approvals from customers
• Freezing suppliers as per approved vender list
• Mobilisation,site execution as per network and field quality plans
• MIS on fortnightly and monthly progress sent to various levels internally and customer


• Personal Protective Equipments
• Safety Slogans/ Circulars
• Good quality ladders and scaffoldings
• Fire Protection
• Provision of First-Aid facility
• Highest level of house keeping
• Safety meetings


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